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collected moments
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collect moments - not things

when something is created, share it

two passions, among others, determine my life: traveling and photography . this results in a large number of photographs that are condemned to an undignified existence on hard disks. some of the pictures have already made it to be visible to others as prints in staircases or as large formats in living rooms. are they really worth looking at? well, you need to tell me.


browse around and be inspired

i mainly take photos when i'm on the road. and since i especially like to travel to big cities, my photos tend to emerge in urban environments. look around and see if you can find a photo you like.


again for the record

you want to embellish your home with photography? you want to spice up a powerpoint presentation? you need a new wallpaper? i have photographs - countless of them and supposedly too good to just lie around. you have to decide if you like them, but you are welcome to browse and see if you find something. if so, you can simply download photos and use them to produce your art.

word! photographies can be downloaded and are provided under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DEED. just your name and email address are needed to process it. i promise not to do any nonsense with your data or to write to you all the time.

welcome to the ultimate guide on what to do with downloaded pictures! so, you  have downloaded one or even a bunch of photographs here and you are missing the next steps. fear not, aspiring digital art connoisseur! option one on the list of suggestions: visually enhance a powerpoint presentation of the last project status with romantic sunset pictures - will be a very silent meeting. option two: print out the downloaded photographs and scatter them around the house like avant-garde decor. option three: use the downloaded pictures to play "guess the emotion" with your unsuspecting houseplants. or simply use a service provider like whitewall to turn the selected photographs into the right product for your requirements.
back in 1998, this website was a project to learn html. as the internet was at that time, you had to create incentives to get people to your website via word-of-mouth. that was long before seo. and so the choice fell on heiligenschein (halo), because back then you could apply for the awarding of halos on this website. long gone!


i'm just your average globetrotting enthusiast with a camera permanently attached to my hand – not surgically, of course, that would be weird. my passion for photography rivals my love for coffee, and trust me, that's a challenge. whether it's capturing architecture, urban environments, or that perfectly imperfect cup of coffee, i've mastered the art of making ordinary things look semi-interesting.

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