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hi, i’m robert.

robert mangelmann

hey there, pixel pals! πŸ‘‹ i'm robert, your friendly non-professional photographer on a quest to ignite the spark of creativity again and again and turn the world and moments into blurry shots. if you're wondering what a "non-professional photographer" means, well, it's just a fancy term for someone who occasionally remembers to remove the lens cap, most of the time when traveling or at special places.

🌟 about me:

i'm just your average globetrotting enthusiast with a camera permanently attached to my hand – not surgically, of course, that would be weird. my passion for photography rivals my love for coffee, and trust me, that's a challenge. whether it's capturing architecture, urban environments, or that perfectly imperfect cup of coffee, i've mastered the art of making ordinary things look semi-interesting.

🌍 travel junkie:

i've developed a keen sense of direction (sometimes mistaken for getting lost) in pursuit of the perfect shot. passport stamps? check! map-reading skills? optional! but hey, getting lost is just an extended photo opportunity, right? there are still enough destinations on the bucket list of european capitals until i have visited them all. and beyond that, there are so many other destinations worth visiting.

πŸ“· photography philosophy:

why hire a professional photographer when you can have someone who thinks "ISO" stands for "i'm sorry, okay?" i firmly believe that every snapshot tells a story – even if that story is just about my struggle with setting up a tripod on a windy day. i'm here to prove that imperfection is the new perfection, and my photos are the living testament to that.

🏑 home makeover guru:

what do you do with all those photos, you ask? well, my friend, i'm on a mission to turn your humble abode into a gallery of unforgettable moments. forget expensive artwork – my photos are the budget-friendly way to make your home the envy of the neighborhood. your walls deserve some quirky charm, and I've got just the right amount of it!

😷 gear acquisition syndrom:

yes, my doctor also attested to my tendency to want to compensate for a lack of photography skills by constantly buying new things. fortunately, i always find people who are buying my old but still very maintained stuff and make them happy. here is the list of the current equipment:

  • fujifilm x-t4
  • fujifilm fujinon xf 16-55mm f2.8 r lm wr
  • fujifilm fujinon xf 10-24mm f4 r ois
  • fujifilm fujinon xf 23mm f2 r wr
  • iphone 14pro
  • olympus om-2n
  • olympus om g.zuiko 24mm f2.8Β Β 
  • olympus om g.zuiko 35mm f2.8
  • olympus om g.zuiko 35-70mm f4
  • olympus om g.zuiko 75-150mm f4
  • leica r4 (temp)
  • leica elmarit-r 28mm f2.8 (temp)
  • leica summilux-r 50mm f1.4 (temp)
  • leica macro-elmarit-r 60mm f2.8 (temp)
  • leica vario-elmar-r 70-210mm f4 (temp)
  • peak design travel tripod
  • peak design clips, straps, bags
  • olympus om lens to fuji x mount camera converter
  • leica r lens to fuji x mount camera converter
  • photo pills app

πŸ€” faq

[A] of course! my editing skills are so advanced; i once accidentally turned a beach into a snowy wonderland. #filters.gone.wild to be a little more precise, i try to simulate the legendary kodak ektar film, this is why i constantly need to take analog pictures as well to have a better chance to compare.

[A] absolutely! my photos are like fine wine – they get better with age, and they're available for free download.Β 

[A] yes! call me and conduct a training lesson with me! πŸš€βœ¨

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