the lonely houses of faeroer islands

For sure, this was the coldest summer I have ever experienced. But driving to the various single islands and even a helicopter ride unveiled the sheer beauty of Faeroe Islands. And I made a litte discovery.

We spent almost every day on the road. And we had to stop every time that we saw a motive worth taking a shot. To be honest, we stopped a lot. Although the weather was pretty shitty – 6°C at the beginning of June – the beauty of the nature was breathtaking. And here and there we found houses that just seem to be placed randomly into the landscape. During our helicopter ride – a commonly used way of public transport – we even landed on an island that was inhabited by a single person. The helicopter crew delivered groceries and took off for the next stopover.

Here they are – the lonely houses of Faeroer Island, or at least a few of them.


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