rio from above

To the day eight years ago - it was Easter Sunday, too - I kicked off my 24 days world-tour with the first stop in Rio de Janeiro. A completely new world opened up to me.

A job change, three months and a little money to explore the world – that was in 2013.

I booked a ticket and the first stop on this trip around the world was Rio de Janeiro. Easter Sunday after I managed to find the airbnb and got used to the temperature difference of around 25°C I walked directly to the beach through residential areas. The first thing that caught my eye was the safety measures: security guards and fences everywhere. I had heard of the security situation and was vigilant.

The next couple days – I spent only four days in the city – I took the chance not only to see Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural masterpiece (definitely a different story) but explored the city from above. That was really breathtaking, not because of the height but – well, take a look at the pictures.

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