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intro: a new chapter of this blog

intro: a new chapter of this blog

For years I have shared my experiences, ideas, views and sometimes frustrations in this blog. But it became quiet. After some time of careful of consideration the next chapter of this blog is now opened.

Our life goes in different phases. When I started this website in 1998, I especially wanted to explore the possibilities of the Internet, get in contact with people and give my creativity a space.

Today I continue to write, but more in a professional context that has no place in this blog. I tend to develop my creativity when I’m traveling with the camera. Over the years, more and more pictures have been added, the texts on the blog have become less and less, which was also due to the fact that I travel less or rarely alone and share my impressions on site.

But I want to keep sharing my pictures. Not because I think they are exceptionally great. They are good, I like them and, as in the past, I want to give people who like them the opportunity to enjoy them. And maybe at a later date I will make it accessible so that it can be downloaded and used.

The old stories on this blog are history. I deleted them even though I spent a lot of time writing them here. In the future the focus will be ob pictures, because stories can also be told with pictures. I will call this part of the website features, because all the images that I have selected can already be seen in the portfolio.

In addition to the many bad things that the corona pandemic brought with it, I used the time to sift through my treasure trove of pictures. From over 134,000 images in my Lightroom library, I have now selected around 1,100 images, reworked them uniformly, tagged and uploaded them. This blog is now in English language, so that it can reach other people who do not only speak German.

If you like the pictures, feel free to express this in the comments. I look forward to your feedback and hope to be able to give you a little pleasure with it, just as I am enjoying the challenges of the creative process, how to capture a certain situation in a frame.

Have fun with it!

Credit: the picture was taken by Miriam while visiting Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition at the Tate Modern in London – here: room for one colour with yellow monofrequency lamps.

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