hongkong highrise

Hongkong - one of the cities with the highest density of population found ways to the create space for its citizens. Going upwards. The result is a silhouette of tall skyscrapers - probably best seen from the peak.

I visited Hongkong in 2013 for the first time and to be honest, we didn’t have the best start. Hongkong was the final station on my worldtour and after the visit of Vancouver with its beauty and wonderful people, the temperature, humidity and crudely public transport from the airport didn’t give me a good first impression. Probably I was overchallenged at that time and I was not really convinced to go back there in 2016 as a part of a China roundtrip.

Though we went there again and the second visit was better, although temperature and humidity didn’t change. But a challenge shared is a challenge halved. We spent a couple of days there and had the chance to explore the city by walking around. The partly dilapidated houses with the tiny apartments made me think, how people might live in there. 

So: been there, done that – twice. With the challenging political environment nowadays it’s pretty unlikely that I will return one day.

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