best of baltic sea 2021

We are back from our Baltic Sea trip where we had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with friends and exploring this beautiful part of Germany. And luckily there were some opportunities to unpack and start the camera. Here are the highlights.

prora and binz

A 1 1/2h drive from our main residence Ahrenshoop away, we wanted to see the remains of “KdF-Seebad Prora” and took the chance for a detour to Binz – a lovely seaside resort on the island of Rügen.

Prora | abandoned club, now documentation centre

Prora | abandoned structure at the beach

Binz | seagulls attack on the pier


Our main spot was Ahrenshoop, a small coastal village where we mainly focused on having a good time with friends, good food and cold drinks.

Ahrenshoop | beach stroll

Ahrenshoop | sunset watching with friends

nienhagen - gespensterwald

A highlight from a photographic point of view was the trip to Gespensterwald Nienhagen, a small forest directly located at the coast line. And we made it to go there in time for the sunset.

Nienhagen | “ghost forrest”

Nienhagen | “ghost forrest”

Nienhagen | “ghost forrest”

Nienhagen | “ghost forrest”

Nienhagen | beach

Nienhagen | “ghost forrest”

Nienhagen | “ghost forrest”

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