animals of the faeroe islands

Faeroe islands is a wonderful place to see animals and take pictures of them. The islands are famous for puffins - but the secret ruler are sheep.

One main reason to visit faeroer islands was the opportunity to see puffins in real life. But they are ashore only for a short period of time of the year. So we went on a day trip to one of the islands where their colony supposed to be. The hike up and down the hills was more than exhausting not least because the ground was very slippery due to permanent light rain. Once we arrived at the designated area no puffin was around. It was a big disappointment as it seemed that they were in water to catch food. We decided to walk around and come back and after a certain period of time we returned and met these beautiful birds.

But as said, there are a lot of other wonderful animals on the islands, especially sheep and most of all their digestion results. :-)

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